Congratulations to HXQC for obtaining certification business qualification of business continuity ma

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Recently, Beijing Daluhangxing Quality Certification central Co., Ltd.(HXQC) was approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the people’s Republic of China(CNCA) to authorize business continuity management system certification.


Unit now, HXQC can provide organization with Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health Safety Management System (OHSMS), Food Safety Management System (FSMS), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Information Safety Management System(ISMS), Information Technology Service Management System(ITSMS), Road traffic Safety Management System(RTSMS), Energy Management System(EnMS), Health Safety and Environmental(HSE)Management System, Business Continuity Management System(BCMS) and other system certification. Wholesale industry and retail Service certification, organic Products (OGA), good agriculture practices (GAP) and other product certification.


“Business continuity Management system” the concept comes from the “disaster” and “recovery plan”, which is an indicator of the ability of organization to continue to operate in the whole or in part. After years development, “Business continuity Management system” has been widely applied in the different size of production and service model organization, further development become to “Business continuity Management system”(refer to BCMS),Become a core part of the overall management system of each organization. BCMS has adopts the PDCA process method to help organization avoid potential incidents by identifying, analyzing and alerting risks, and to develop a complete “business continuity plan” to effectively cope with the rapid recovery after the interruption and keep the core functions normal, run to minimize loss and recovery costs.


BCMS is a collection of processes that link and unify all aspects of an organization's management system, develop appropriate risk strategies and risk plans for identified risks, and develop an effective business continuity plan drill for the organization and measurement plan. BCMS is widely used in social service industries such as information security, information technology services, public services, and social organizations. It is also applicable to organizations with higher risk levels such as commercial, financial, and manufacturing industries of all scale.

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