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Welcome to HXQC

Beijing Daluhangxing Quality Certification Center Co., Ltd. (Acronym “HXQC”) is an certification body with third-party impartiality, which is approved by CNCA and accredited by CNAS. We have been providing clients with second-party audit, third-party certification and training services. We help a wide and diverse range of clients, from sole traders to government departments,to progress and achieve outstanding results through effective standards and management best practice. .
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  HXQC Invited to Take Part in Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2016 (2016-04-25)
  HXQC Held 2016 Annual Work Conference in Beijing (2016-03-09)
  HXQC Held Annual Mid-level Manager Meeting to Summarize Work Performance in 2015 (2016-02-29)
  HXQC Has Successfully Passed JAS-ANZ Annual Surveillance Assessment (2015-11-20)
  HXQC Helped Organize CNAS Standard Seminar for Uncertainty in Biological Sample Measurement (2015-09-11)

Integrated;Precise;Corporated and Co-operated".

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  HXQC Organized a Test on the Transition of CNAS-CC01:2015 (idt ISO 17021-1:2015) Accreditation Criteria among Staff in Head Office (2015-11-6)
  Lv Xiaohua, Yu Haifeng and Song Zhiming Nominated as Top 10 Contributors to China Standardization in 2015 (2015-7-29)
  ISO 9001 revision of the final stage (2014-11-10)
  CCTV: Sampled 224 Portable Rechargers, None Qualified (2014-09-26)
  Try Not Use Certification Symbols in a Wrong Manner (2014-09-15)
  CNAS Held 2014 Certification Organization Training Seminar (2014-09-09)
--ISO 9001 certification
--ISO 14001 certification
--OHSMS 18001 certification
--ISO 22000 certification
--ISO 20000 certification
--ISO 27001 certification

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