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HXQC Has Successfully Accomplished the Reaccreditation Assessment Conducted by JAS-ANZ <2014-10-24>
HXQC signed a cooperation agreement with China Standardization Press <2014-07-24>
HXQC has successfully completed the annual surveillance assessment conduct by CNAS <2014-07-24>
HXQC Public Statement <2014-03-11>
HXQCand CESI undertake China government designated foreign trainingbusiness of Swansea University <2014-03-03>
To be humble and writing a new chapte <2014-01-01>
A visit to HXQC by a connector with Swansea University <2013-11-18>
Dr. Jiang Fang Appointed as New Chinese Executive Director of CESI by HXQC <2013-11-13>
Suggestions for ISO/CD 9001 <2013-8-22>
ISO 22000 collection now available online <2013-8-5>
Report on Airport EMS Issued <2013-6-19>
World Accreditation Day 2013 <2013-6-9>
Use Belief to Light Up Hope <2012-12-29>
AChina and British University cooperation on Developing Trade Standardization Talents <2012-12-29>
ISO 9001 for Small Businesses now available as ePub <2012-10-24>
Advanced Study and Investigation of Beijing Industrial Designing and Researching Institute to Britain Successfully Completed <2012-10-11>
Chairman of HXQC visited College of Quality and Technical Supervision, Hebei University <2012-04-06>
HXQC Held 2012 Annual Customer Service and Auditing Conference in Beijing <2012-01-10>
Chairman of the board HXQC, Ltd. visits Institute for Development Strategy, Wuhan university <2012-01-10>
Hold awe in heart, innovate happily <2012-01-01>
The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Swansea University and HXQC, attended by Government of Wales AQSIQ and Beijing Bureau of Quality Supervision <2011-10-31>
HXQC shows solicitude for autistic children <2011-04-03>
Leaders of Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the others visited HXQC <2011-03-25>
HXQC Client Service and Audit Work Meeting of 2011 was held smoothly in Beijing <2011-03-07>
New ISO Standard for Social Responsibility <2011-02-08>
New edition of ISO/IEC 17021 <2011-02-08>
Creating Value, Happy Certification <2010-12-16>
HXQC top management attended the opening activities of Zhongguancun Product Testing and Quality Certification Services Center <2010-12-16>
The Director of Zhongguancun Product Testing and Quality Certification Services Center visited HXQC <2010-12-03>
The Administrative Regulation of China Low Carbon Product will be published soon <2010-10-11>
NBC’s Illegal Certification in China <2010-09-20>
HXQC Accredited by Accreditation Body from Oceania <2010-09-09>
HXQC donates to Destitute Children to Commemorate Tenth Anniversary of Foundation <2010-08-06>
EA enters into a formal partnership with the Commission <2010-07-19>
Low-carbon Standard International Development Public Lecture <2010-07-05>
Chairman of HXQC Visited TianJin Bureau Quality and Technical Supervision <2010-06-23>
Proclamation About HXQC Essay Writing Competition <2010-06-17>
ISO 50001 on Energy Management Systems Approved as Draft International Standard <2010-06-04>
ISO report reveals use of elevators may save lives in emergencies <2010-06-04>
Improve Specialty Competence and Strengthen Self-Discipline <2010-04-19>
ISO/IEC 27000: get to know the family <2010-04-13>
HXQC Held the Fifth Conference of Third Impartiality Committee <2010-04-01>
Improve the Effectiveness of Quality Certification and Compact the Theory of Quality Management System <2010-04-04>
Migration to ISO 9001 <2010-04-02>
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